Powersave not working?

Matt Thompson thompsma at colorado.edu
Tue Dec 7 03:16:59 CET 2004

Paul Trevethan wrote:
> Hi,
> I have one annoyance though with the latest version. My powersave
> features on my monitor are not working. I do not use a screensaver, I
> simply turn on powersave features for blanking the screen after 20
> minutes of idle.
> I checked my XF86config file, which is now linked to Xorg.conf (of
> course), and it shows the "DPMS" option under the "Monitor" section. If
> I recall correctly though, it did include a "dpms" option under
> "Devices" section as well in my old v9.0 setup? Could that be the
> problem? Should I just add it and restart X as a trial?  This
> current setup works just fine in all other window managers I have tried
> (kde, gnome & windowmaker) but not here in Xfce?
> It would appear some daemon is not running? - but I do not have enough
> knowledge yet to know how to track this problem down. Any guidance
> appreciated.

Yay for no xscreensaver!  (I use xautolock with xlock -blank on my box.)

Well, since you have option "dpms" in your xorg.conf, first thing I'd do 
it make sure DPMS is enabled.  Things like mplayer turn it off 
indiscriminately, so it can often be disabled without your knowledge. 
Check 'xset q' to see if it is running, and an xset +dpms to restart it. 
  If it is...I'm not sure what to do...

As for making mine occur on startup, I include an:

xset dpms 300 600 900

in my .config/xfce4/xinitrc after my xrdb stuff for xlock/xautolock at 
the top.  It seems to work there.  (I think xinitrc isn't read after a 
certain point or something in 4.2 (I don't know, I just adjust things 
'til they work).)

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