Powersave not working?

Paul Trevethan plist at internode.on.net
Mon Dec 6 23:37:40 CET 2004


Running Xfce v4.2RC1 under Suse v9.2 with Nvidia drivers here.

I love this interface - it is so fast, attractive and efficient.

I have one annoyance though with the latest version. My powersave
features on my monitor are not working. I do not use a screensaver, I
simply turn on powersave features for blanking the screen after 20
minutes of idle.

I checked my XF86config file, which is now linked to Xorg.conf (of
course), and it shows the "DPMS" option under the "Monitor" section. If
I recall correctly though, it did include a "dpms" option under
"Devices" section as well in my old v9.0 setup? Could that be the
problem? Should I just add it and restart X as a trial?  This
current setup works just fine in all other window managers I have tried
(kde, gnome & windowmaker) but not here in Xfce?

It would appear some daemon is not running? - but I do not have enough
knowledge yet to know how to track this problem down. Any guidance


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