Maximize Window Issues

Romeu Fonseca romeu.fonseca at
Mon Dec 6 14:36:28 CET 2004

Hello to all!

At first, I want to congratulate the development team for the awesome
work with 4.2 RC1! I have some doubts and I'd like to hear some
opinions... With the 4.0.5 version, I was used to maximize some
applications like firefox to full screen, setting the panel to be in
the lower layer. I don't like to make it autohide, so when I needed
something from it or just wanted to change for another application,
I'd point my cursor on the top of the screen and the taskbar (which
was hidden) appeared so I could make my way around (taskbar with
pager, to change to another workspace). Now layer concept is gone! If
I maximize firefox, for example, it stops in the panel borders... if I
set it to be "always on top", it solves the problem but I don't have
"the taskbar solution" (see above). I'd appreciate for any help since
I still work with a 15' screen...

Thanx in advance, Romeu

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