Xfce Digest, Vol 9, Issue 34

Frank Frank at snapafun.co.nz
Thu Aug 26 23:43:18 CEST 2004

>>I have lost kde for now, (hopefully only temp....) but can still get
>>into Xfce4 without any problems.  However,  I cannot  'dial-up' with
>>my configured intel-536ep [ which I had working fine in kde with kppp
>>] nor can I connect with my Dynalink backup using wvdial, (though I
>>think this is a wvdial problem and newbie not knowing enough at this
>Why don't you try the "old way" :-)
>Open a shell and enter : pppd call connection_name
>(you can find the connection name in /etc/ppp/peers/name)

This is a discussion not related to XFCE (KDE have it's application for 
dialup, but not XFCE)...

It's more a Distribution question...

So first: You're using which distribution? Mandrake, Fedora, Slackware, 
SuSe, ?

If you have Gnome installed, you could use the gnome tools under XFCE... 
All GTK (like Gnome / XFCE) applications works fine... Qt ones (like 
KDE) are also working, but uses more resources and time...

When you say that you've LOST KDE, do you mean removed all packages?... 
If not, you can try using kppp under XFCE...!

Paul Ladouceur
NUXTEK Informatique Inc.

Since posting I have discovered that kdebase may be corrupted, ( more my doing I think ) on my Mandrake10 installation updated regularly with urpmi. So no kde apps whatsoever available right now. I am simply after a way to use Xfce4 wholly and am aware of some things available albeit from the command line. I only need to get things done by getting online using only Xfce4. I like Xfce4 and on my now aging PIII machine am looking to using it exclusively. For now A suitable way to get online is the only requirement. 

PS. How ought I actually reply when only receiving the digest? I try not to include the digest in the reply but feel there must be a better way for handling this for a newbie like myself.

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