lock window in workspace

Alex spam at skander.net
Tue Aug 24 16:35:58 CEST 2004

I didn't have much luck finding an answer on usenet, manual, FAQ, or the 
user mail archive, so I hope I'm not asking a dumb question. :)

I keep my browser on a different workspace than my email client.  When I 
click on a link on an email, it brings the browser to the workspace that 
  my email client is in.  I think this probably makes sense for a lot of 
people, but I got used to different behavior from having used 
WindowMaker in the past.  Thus, I'm wondering if there is an option to 
lock a window on a workspace, so that way the browser can load the link, 
then a) I can go look at it when I'm ready, and b) the workspace with my 
email client is not cluttered with the browser window.



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