Creating themes... xffm messy structure

Paul Ladouceur - NUXTEK Informatique Inc. paul at
Thu Aug 19 19:56:50 CEST 2004

I've created an icons pannel theme with Nuvola... That was real easy...

But i want to do the same to xffm...

That's another world...

I've checked the structure of every themes and they seem to be all 

I also saw that some theme use icons under different directory...???

What a mess!

I started copying the Gnome directory under a new Nuvola one... But as i 
went replacing icons, i had to get out of the directory to change the 
SMB NETWORK icon... Argh!...

So... Am i missing a point here or is it better to wait until a better 
version comes out?

Paul Ladouceur

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