Creating themes... xffm messy structure

edscott edscott at
Fri Aug 20 18:24:06 CEST 2004

El jue, 19-08-2004 a las 12:56, Paul Ladouceur - NUXTEK Informatique
Inc. escribió:
> I've created an icons pannel theme with Nuvola... That was real easy...
> But i want to do the same to xffm...
> That's another world...
> I've checked the structure of every themes and they seem to be all 
> different!!!???
> I also saw that some theme use icons under different directory...???
> What a mess!
> I started copying the Gnome directory under a new Nuvola one... But as i 
> went replacing icons, i had to get out of the directory to change the 
> SMB NETWORK icon... Argh!...
> So... Am i missing a point here or is it better to wait until a better 
> version comes out?

If you are not using 4.1, then you better wait. All the icon theming
changed for xffm. With 4.1 xffm will use icons installed by third
parties (like gnome). xffm-icons now only contains the "Rodent" theme
which was created for xfce. It also contains the xfmime-edit program
which is called by xffm to customize icons on a user by user basis.

Also, if you want to change all gtk default icons in xffm, you need to
create a gtkrc file. Francois wrote an instruction document and placed
it on the web someplace. I can't remember where, but if you search the
xfce4-dev archives you can find the link.



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