Left click on desktop

Gerald Barre g.barre at free.fr
Wed Aug 18 12:20:57 CEST 2004

Le Tue, 17 Aug 2004 02:29:04 -0400
purslow at sympatico.ca s'exprimait:

> oh dear, my little trolleybus keeps getting mangled out there
> (grimace)!

My english is so poor, I didn't know this funny expression.
What's so strange ? having icons anywhere, or the look of my
desktop ? ;-)
> i don't have any personal use for desktop icons in the way i work,
> but can see that others may find them v helpful for organising
> files/apps. proposals to add them to the regular Xfce desktop have met
> strong resistance as something too much like M$ , but an Xfce pinboard
> wb a good idea& rather than putting in the effort & having everyone
> wait for 4.4 , it mb better to look seriously at Apwal as an adequate
> solution.
The last time I used icons on desktop was with Xfce 3.8.16+Rox pinboard.
I don't remember who talked about a hidden icons area you could open
by moving your pointer on the top left corner of the desktop, apwal is
very close to that.

ps: french pronunciation of apwal is the same than the french expression
"a poil" which means "naked", joke of the french author I guess.

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