Shut down system when logged out

Mark Welker welker at
Mon Mar 10 00:11:02 CET 2003


If you do what I wrote before you will not be using
GDM. You will be using KDM.
If you want GDM edit /etc/rc.d/rc4

It works with kdm and gdm in slack 8.1

On Sun, 9 Mar 2003, Mark Welker wrote:

> Hi,
> edit
> /etc/inittab
> Change the run level to 4 for Slackware 8.1
> It is 4 for slack even if it is not for other distros.
> Install xfce
> ./configure --enable-gdm
> make
> make install
> As the user
> xfce_setup
> You should now have a graphical logon and logoff and shutdown.

Mark Welker
welker at

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