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Wed Jun 4 03:11:06 CEST 2003

El mar, 03-06-2003 a las 17:25, ml escribió:
> On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 11:30:16PM +0200, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> > On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 23:17, ml wrote:
> > > problems with SMB (e.g. it asks multiple times for the same
> > > login/password and does not show all the things konqueror
> > > does).
> > 
> > login/passwd can be set once for allusing the setting manager.
> Could you elaborate on this?  Where/how can I set these
> things?

You can set the environment variable SMB_USER to user%password, using
the xfce-mcs manager. Or just to user% if no password is needed or you
want to be asked for it. If SMB_USER is not set, it will default to
"GUEST%" upon challenge. Once a user-password challenge is resolved
correctly, the user-password is inherited to all children of the
treeview branch, but not to siblings or unrelated treeview branches,
where it will again default to SMB_USER when challenged.

> > rox-filer is fine but it doesn't do SMB as far as I know...
> Just tried it out: The look-and-feel is more my cup of tea
> than xffm4, rox is really fast, but it seems not to support
> smb.  Are there any plans to make xffm4 a little bit more
> convenient for users with e.g. many files?  The problem is
> the tree view - an alternative view with multiple columns
> would be cool.

Xffm is built to manage many files, like 6969 files in directory
FreeBSD/packages-4-stable. Consider:

Look at the filter ---which uses regular expressions. For example, if
you want to see .c and .h files, you can use "c$|h$" in the filter.
Regular expressions are one of the most powerfull tools in the C
language. You can activate or disactivate the filter by simply
hidding/unhiding it with the quick-hide button.

You can also create your own virtual directories using the find tool.
For example, a directory with all the .c files in the xfce-devel tree
which have a "#include <libxfce4gui.h>" 

You can also create multiple overlapping virtual folders by dragging and
dropping to the bookmarks, and switch between these virtual folders with
"ctrl-B". They can have remote smb files or shares mixed with local
files (and smb passwords will be remembered). 

BTW, xffm already has a double column treeview in separate panes. 


> Cheers and keep on the good work on XFCE4 - I like it!
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