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Harry Putnam reader at
Wed Jun 4 02:30:39 CEST 2003

ml <ml at> writes:

> Hi,
> which file manager do people use with xfce4?  I know xffm4,
> but the at least the version that comes with Debian

I use emacs in dired mode.. (not presently using xfce4 though)
Emacs is easily the most powerfull file and directory managing tool
besides the cmd line.  Allowing such things as find-grep which will
assemble a buffer of all files matching a find search and expose them
to any normal dired processes.  Or search and replace in whole
directories.  Mass renaming or other processes.  Built in tar and
gzip so one can `look' into tar files.

The `tramp' package allows emacs to use dired style file management
over a number of prototcols. Ftp ssh scp rsh telnet rsync and I believe
smb although I haven't used it on smb.  It may just be developemental
(the smb part, I mean) tramp itself (an emacs package) has been around
a while and is known to work on all the other protocols I mentioned.

Further there is a version of emacs (ntemacs) that is written for winXX.

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