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Jack Coates jack at
Mon Jun 2 23:50:46 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 03:52, Spyros Tsiolis wrote:
> Hello list,
> Itś been some time since I own a Ti4800 (GeForce 4) card and had 
> problems with X on
> mandrake 9.0.
> I´ve, now, upgraded to mandrake 9.1 and I have X but no sound. Anyway. Since 
> I am not
> very good with dedicating time for such things, here's the question :-)

I bet your sound system was changed from OSS to ALSA and your mixer is
turned down. alsamixergui and turn all the values up, then aumix and
turn those up too for good measure, and if you're feeling really ornery
then do it in kmix and/or gmix too. I somehow seem to need to do this
four or five times, but then it finally sticks.

Another possibility is that the sound daemon you were using is no longer
installed/working/configured right. When I upgraded from 9.0 to 9.1 I
ended up ditching esd and am now running artsd instead because it can
support the i810 chip's lack of mmap'd dsp.
[jack at chupacabra jack]$ rgrep arts .xfce/
.xfce/xfce3rc:  xine -A arts
.xfce/xfce3rc:  artsdsp -m gltron
.xfce/xfce3rc:  artsdsp -m rocksndiamonds
.xfce/xfce3rc:  artsdsp -m chromium
.xfce/xfce3rc:  artsdsp -m quake3
.xfce/xfwmrc:+ "I" Exec artsd
.xfce/xfwmrc:+ "I" Exec artsd
.xfce/xfwmrc~:#+ "I" Exec artsd
.xfce/xfwmrc~:#+ "I" Exec artsd

> I upgraded to xfce-3.8.18 but I can't get the coloured buttons on xfce 
> (--enable-old-style and so on).
> Does anyone have any hyperlinks on how to do this succesfully ? I remember 
> doing it some months
> ago, but now I cannot remember anything (I really have to start documenting 
> such things).

now this, I know nothing about. Sorry :-(

> I did the following :
> downloaded xfce-3.8.18-src.rpm blah blah blah to my hdd.
> . did "rpm --rebuild xfce-3.8.18-src.rpm"
> . then did something else and actually managed to invoke 
> "--enable-old-style" etc.
> . I , now, have 3.8.18 running but the coloured buttons are still one colour
> Now I don´t remember anything :-)
> Help please,
> :-)
> spyros
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