coloured buttons (again)

Spyros Tsiolis spytsi at
Mon Jun 2 12:52:54 CEST 2003

Hello list,

Itś been some time since I own a Ti4800 (GeForce 4) card and had 
problems with X on
mandrake 9.0.

I´ve, now, upgraded to mandrake 9.1 and I have X but no sound. Anyway. Since 
I am not
very good with dedicating time for such things, here's the question :-)

I upgraded to xfce-3.8.18 but I can't get the coloured buttons on xfce 
(--enable-old-style and so on).

Does anyone have any hyperlinks on how to do this succesfully ? I remember 
doing it some months
ago, but now I cannot remember anything (I really have to start documenting 
such things).

I did the following :

downloaded xfce-3.8.18-src.rpm blah blah blah to my hdd.

. did "rpm --rebuild xfce-3.8.18-src.rpm"
. then did something else and actually managed to invoke 
"--enable-old-style" etc.
. I , now, have 3.8.18 running but the coloured buttons are still one colour

Now I don´t remember anything :-)

Help please,



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the chaos of noise"
- Vangelis

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