Ken Moffat kmoffat at
Thu Jul 17 14:16:26 CEST 2003

Lane P. Lester wrote:

>I'm running Libranet 2.8, and I've used IceWM with satisfaction for a
>long time. However, I downed and burned Morphix, a CD distro, and I was
>impressed by the Xfce it uses. So I've switched my Libranet system to
>Xfce to see if it fits my personality.
>Someone on the Libranet list said he went back to 3.8.18 after he saw
>how much more resources 4.0 uses. I presume it still uses a lot less
>than KDE.
>I took a quick peek at this list's archives, but since I didn't see a
>way to search them, I hope you won't mind a few newbie questions.
>I installed Xfce with apt-get, using mixed sarge/sid sources, and it
>gave me 3.8.18. Unlike the Morphix system, there's no taskbar. Since I
>like to use my entire desktop for windows, I need an autohide taskbar.
>Is there one available for 3.8.18, or is this a new 4.0 feature?  If the
>former, how to I enable it?
>I'd also like the program bar (not sure what you call it) to be autohide
>and always on top. I found how to make that happen in Morphix, but I
>can't find that in the Libranet installation.
Hi, Lane.

I think the taskbar in xfce3 must be added during the compile. Whoever 
made the debian package left it out. It's a simple compile if you don't 
mind not using debs.

I found some debs with a taskbar, but can't find them now and can't 
remember where .

[Gotta love the reply to address for this list.]


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