Lane P. Lester llester at
Thu Jul 17 13:49:37 CEST 2003

I'm running Libranet 2.8, and I've used IceWM with satisfaction for a
long time. However, I downed and burned Morphix, a CD distro, and I was
impressed by the Xfce it uses. So I've switched my Libranet system to
Xfce to see if it fits my personality.

Someone on the Libranet list said he went back to 3.8.18 after he saw
how much more resources 4.0 uses. I presume it still uses a lot less
than KDE.

I took a quick peek at this list's archives, but since I didn't see a
way to search them, I hope you won't mind a few newbie questions.

I installed Xfce with apt-get, using mixed sarge/sid sources, and it
gave me 3.8.18. Unlike the Morphix system, there's no taskbar. Since I
like to use my entire desktop for windows, I need an autohide taskbar.
Is there one available for 3.8.18, or is this a new 4.0 feature?  If the
former, how to I enable it?

I'd also like the program bar (not sure what you call it) to be autohide
and always on top. I found how to make that happen in Morphix, but I
can't find that in the Libranet installation.

Lane P. Lester / Madison County, Georgia
**Running Linux more and Windows less**

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