XFce Main Panel Hideen

Dragón dragon379 at yahoo.es
Mon Feb 10 21:38:31 CET 2003

 --- Jasper Huijsmans <jasper at moongroup.com> escribió: > Well, I affraid to
say, this is a known issue with the debian package.
> You have to exit X, edit your ~/.xfce/xfce3rc file and change the
> [Coords] section. There are two coordinates, set them both to 0.
> After that you can restart xfce and the panel should be in the top left
> corner.
> Don't forget to exit xfce first, because it will overwrite the config
> file on exit.
> 	Jasper


Thank You! it works.

But works after I `mkdir .xfce' on my home directory because xfce was unable
to create it alone giving me the error `unable to create the file'.

Thank you very much.

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