OK -- I give up ...

Scott Jones scott at exti.net
Wed Sep 18 08:58:42 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 8:16 pm, R P Herrold wrote:

> Play along with me, if you feel you've a firm grip on your
> sanity.

No one has ever accused me of that, but OK.

> xfce3    inside click and hold | Run Program | check 'Run in
> Terminal' | "sudo konsole" (no quotes --in the command box) |
> OK
> IFF  you were NOT already running a KDE DCOP server
> ... the System opens a terminal, prompts for the end user
> password, and opens 'konsole' in ROOT mode. --
> ====================================
>   If you were, it carps:
>     Password:
> ---------------------------------
> It looks like dcopserver is already running. If you are sure
> that it is not already running, remove
> /home/herrold/.DCOPserver_couch_localhost.localdomain_0
> and start dcopserver again.
> ---------------------------------

It asks for the password, but no complaints about DCOP either way on 
this system.

> So I have two questions:
> 1.  I can mouse into the Run box and get it running -- but how
> in xfce 3, do I add a Run (in terminal) to the panel in the
> 'Add Icon', or in one of the  $HOME/.xfwm.user_menu

You answered it yourself: sudo needs to run from a terminal.  When you 
add an icon, the command line would be "Term sudo konsole".

> I see:
> #AddToMenu "user_menu"
> #+ "&Gnome Terminal" Exec gnome-terminal
> #+ "" Nop
> #+ "&The GIMP" Exec gimp
> but I cannot get it going with ...
> AddToMenu "user_menu"

Instead of:

> + "&Gnome Terminal" Exec /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/konsole


+ "&Root Konsole" Exec gnome-terminal -x /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/konsole

> no effect at all that I can see on the mouseable User Menu ...

As above, you need to run sudo from a terminal.

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