OK -- I give up ...

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Wed Sep 18 03:16:21 CEST 2002

Play along with me, if you feel you've a firm grip on your 

xfce3    inside click and hold | Run Program | check 'Run in 
Terminal' | "sudo konsole" (no quotes --in the command box) |

IFF  you were NOT already running a KDE DCOP server
... the System opens a terminal, prompts for the end user 
password, and opens 'konsole' in ROOT mode. -- 

  If you were, it carps:

It looks like dcopserver is already running. If you are sure
that it is not already running, remove 
and start dcopserver again.

kdeinit: Communication error with launcher. Exiting!
KCrash: crashing.... crashRecursionCounter = 2
KCrash: Application Name = konsole path = <unknown> pid = 592
KDE Daemon (kded) already running.



(no debugging symbols found)...[New Thread 8192 (LWP 592)]
0x420ae169 in wait4 () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#0  0x420ae169 in wait4 () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#1  0x4212a2d0 in __DTOR_END__ () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#2  0x40e09c63 in waitpid () from /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0
#3  0x405a01a5 in KCrash::defaultCrashHandler(int) ()
   from /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.4
#4  <signal handler called>
#5  0x40b1d748 in QGList::append(void*) ()
   from /usr/lib/qt3-gcc3.2/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#6  0x405e5de9 in KSycoca::addFactory(KSycocaFactory*) ()
   from /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.4
#7  0x405e8328 in 
KSycocaFactory::KSycocaFactory(KSycocaFactoryId) ()
   from /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.4
#8  0x401a0857 in KImageIOFactory::KImageIOFactory() ()
   from /usr/lib/libkio.so.4
#9  0x401a1c5b in KImageIO::registerFormats() () from 
#10 0x0805d802 in main ()
#11 0x420158d4 in __libc_start_main () from 


So I have two questions:

1.  I can mouse into the Run box and get it running -- but how
in xfce 3, do I add a Run (in terminal) to the panel in the
'Add Icon', or in one of the  $HOME/.xfwm.user_menu 

I see:

#AddToMenu "user_menu"
#+ "&Gnome Terminal" Exec gnome-terminal
#+ "" Nop
#+ "&The GIMP" Exec gimp

but I cannot get it going with ...

AddToMenu "user_menu"
+ "&Gnome Terminal" Exec /usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/konsole 
+ "" Nop

no effect at all that I can see on the mouseable User Menu ... 

2. How do I get two DCOP instances, in differing auth trees -- 
I see in /etc/X11/xfce4/xinitrc
  mention of a http://www.gkrellm.net hack which looks 
promising for starting such -- it is using a scriptlet with a:
   exec `which gkrellm` &

... I infer an overwrapper is needed to segregate the process 
and sockets.

-- Russ Herrold

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