Strange behavior with upgrade to RH 7.3

Net Llama! netllama at
Fri Sep 6 02:15:11 CEST 2002

Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Net Llama! wrote:
>>WHat kind of hardware are you working with?  This is definitely not 
>>normal, and i've done quite a lot of Redhat-7.x installs.
>   A solid, reliable PII/333MHz with 328M RAM an nVidia (is that the name?)
> with the RIVA 128 chipset and 4M vRAM, a Creative/24X cdrom, a Plextor
> 10/12/32 FW-SCSI cd-rw and a Tandberg SLR-60 FW-SCSI tape drive. It's more
> the RH installer, I believe. Too cute by half and not as solid as the TUI or
> ncurses UIs that used to be the norm.

The curses installer is still available.

>>This sounds like a hardware problem, especially combined with the odd 
>>install problems that you had with RH.  Perhaps the videocard is 
>>failing, or maybe even the system memory?  Hard to tell at this point.
>   A lot is getting the fonts and other pieces back again. Amazing what a
> difference that makes. :-) 

That just further proves that you can't upgrade from 6.2 to 7.3.  If you 
have to put stuff back that was there before the upgrade, then the 
upgrade failed....miserably.

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