SCP in XFTree?

wolfgang GeneralP.Fault at
Mon Sep 2 11:01:36 CEST 2002

the possibility to "browse" remote computers via ssh/scp exists as an addon to 
KDE, using the fish:// protocol (no kidding), see
works fine for me in konqueror.

also, the program lftp let's you open fish://user@host URLs and use the usual 
ftp-like commands with them - so it might be possible to add that feature to 


In an older episode (Monday 02 September 2002 10:25), Alexandre Aractingi 
> Hi all,
> I discovered a great soft for Windows lately, and I was wondering if
> someone thought about implementing a thing like that in XFTree:
> It is called WinSCP2, and enables browsing the filesystem of a remote
> machine that runs an SSH server. For viewing and browsing, it sends 'ls'
> and 'cd' commands over an SSH connection, and for downloading /
> uploading files, it sends SCP commands over the same SSH channel.
> The great thing is it really has the look and fell of a regular windows
> browser, so I thought it may be a nice add-on to XFTree (just like
> XFSamba, which is really great!).
> I send you all my best regards, and congrats for XFCE!
> Alex

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