[Xfce-i18n] Getting started with translations (Dutch)

Benno Schulenberg bensberg at telfort.nl
Fri Feb 14 17:26:30 CET 2020

Op 14-02-2020 om 10:15 schreef Pjotr Vertaalt:
> Some sort of quality control is essential, I think. Certainly after a
> translation has reached the 100 % mark.

One hundred percent translated doesn't mean 100% good.  And in the case
of Dutch and Xfce: far from it, unfortunately.

> That's why I invite people who want changes in existing
> Dutch Xfce translations, to *email* me their improvement propositions.

Such discussions should not happen by private email, but on a public
mailing list.  That way people can see which changes Stef proposes,
and would be able to say that they agree (or disagree, as the case
may be).  (Github is no good, it is not free software, and requires
making an account and agreeing to their terms of use.)

To give one example of a bad Dutch translation: "scherpstelling".
That word should only be used when it refers to a camera, not when
talking about the focus of attention or the focussing of a window.
Also Dutch then simply uses the word "focus".

> I repeat: I welcome all improvement suggestions. I can assure
> everybody that I'll treat those with the respect and the open mind
> that they deserve.

When the discussion happens on a public mailing list, there is
no need for such assurances: people will be able to check how
decisions were made.


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