[Xfce-i18n] Script to test latest translations from Transifex in Xfce (maybe Xubuntu 19.04)

Rafael Fontenelle rafaelff at gnome.org
Thu May 9 23:18:21 CEST 2019

Please share with us what you have. If you have it in a Git
repository, even better.

The script I have is just for downloading po files for my language in
order to generate a local Translation Memory:

Just a reminder: if the version of the installed software is different
from the po file you have (e.g. the po file is from the/one of latest
commit from master branch), chance is that one string or another
doesn't match exactly which results in the string show up in English,
instead of the desired language.  So, not always just compiling po
into mo files will be enough to see the GUI/CLI completely translated.

Rafael Fontenelle

Em qui, 9 de mai de 2019 às 17:26, scootergrisen
<scootergrisen at gmail.com> escreveu:
> I would like someone to make a shell script or something that can get
> the latest translations for a language into something like Xubuntu 19.04
> so i can sort of try the next version of Xfce without building it.
> I have a file to download the files from transifex and then i did some
> renaming and converted po to mo and compared with the files in
> /usr/share/locale/ i think.
> During renaming i see some things like exo is called exo-1.mo with "-1"
> and thunar is Thunar.mo with big "T".
> Anyway then i make shared folder in VirtualBox so i can share the files
> between host and guest system which request me to install the
> VBoxGuestAdditions.
> So im just about to put the new files in so i can test the latest
> translations from Transifex.
> But maybe someone can help make such a script or have an idea on how to
> do it because we have to test the Xfce translations before the next release.
> I can show the scripts i have if anyone wants to see them. So maybe we
> can improve them and all translations can have use of it.
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