[Xfce-i18n] xfce4-weather-plugin string freeze

Seong-ho Cho darkcircle.0426 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 18:16:17 CET 2013

excuse me, but there is no pot file in the xfce transifex site. someone and
I need pot file to complete translation.
(but I found a way how to create pot manually from the source tree of the
xfce4-weather-plugin at now :S.)
so could I give some advice for helping translators?

some translators can be as a developer, but another translators are NOT(
they're being for just "translation" ). I'm one of the latter. :P
most of all translators are sluggardly to create pot file and some of them
don't care how to make pot file or update translation message list.

xfce4-weather-plugin source tree would be better to have some script to
create po-template file. that just contains below two line.
(you can name that file as "createpot.sh" or as your prefer.)

/usr/bin/xgettext --keyword=_ --add-comments --from-code=UTF-8
panel-plugin/*.[ch] --output=~/xfce4-weather-plugin.master.untitled.pot

(this script will be made pot file for xfce4-weather-plugin into
if we run this script on the source tree root(we maybe know that we should
better to install gettext package into the system until execute this
script. this package is *required* to extract message into pot file), we'll
get one complete pot file for translating xfce4-weather-plugin's ui
message. we can update po message list quickly from pot file by using an
editor such as poedit, gtranslator, or babel.

if this way is not considered as useful thing, please tell transifex
translation system to make pot file automatically when source tree is

2013/1/25 Harald Judt <h.judt at gmx.at>

> Hi,
> Am 24.01.2013 21:38, schrieb Johannes Lips:
>  Hi Harald,
>> are you intending to give credit to the source of the descriptions, i.e.
>> mostly wikipedia, or?
> Sure, no problem. How about a credits entry in the details tab? As for the
> sources, this is not so easy: While some descriptions - mostly those for
> the units - are copied to various degrees from wikipedia, others have been
> assembled from misc sources, like articles I read, websites,... but then in
> effect written from scratch. I don't know exactly anymore which bits of
> information are coming from which sources and didn't find it necessary to
> declare that in detail.
>  I probably would reduce them a bit and remove unecessary stuff, like the
>> information that the speed limits in the UK and USA are in miles.
>> I will try to adapt the German translations to roughly match the English
>> strings, but it's a lot of work, probably.
> Surely I could trim them down a bit, maybe rewrite some parts. I'll have
> to read through the texts and consider which parts are unnecessary. Do you
> have any more proposals regarding this, what to change and how?
> I'd appreciate your help both with the original text and the translation
> very much. Although I'm more interested in programming, I will spend some
> time to work on the German translation file too. In fact, I've already
> translated everything that is new to this version, except the descriptions.
> Harald
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> `Experience is the best teacher.'
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