[Xfce-i18n] Hebrew team mess.

Pjotr Vertaalt pjotrvertaalt at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:05:34 CET 2013

Please do *not* fight on this public mailing list. I'm a Dutch translator
and I don't have the slightest interest in your quarrels, which only
pollute my mailbox and waste my time.

Regards, Pjotr.

2013/1/24 Yaron Shahrabani <sh.yaron at gmail.com>

> Do me a favor,
> While you do all the talking I'm the one who's really working here so set
> your mode back to mute and let me work.
> Nobody needs you, nobody supports you, no user has ever said the things
> you're saying, you are hallucinating, please take your medications and
> leave us all alone, we are fine without you, really.
> Yaron Shahrabani
> <Hebrew translator>
> On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 3:31 PM, Genghis Khan <genghiskhan at gmx.ca> wrote:
>> ‎תאריך: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 18:23:29 +0200
>>  ‎מאת: Nickolai Vurgaft <slipperygate at gmail.com>
>> > Hi Nick, my name's also Nick (username is "pulsar"), and I've been
>> > contributing for some time now to the hebrew translation effort, and
>> > I've found myself with no one to hand over my work because up until
>> > now I've been sending my work to Yaron and he's been pushing for me.
>> >
>> > I had no idea the GK was problematic to the team (well, except for a
>> > little slip by Yaron, in retrospect I can't really judge nor I want
>> > to) and I really don't care about whatever they have against
>> > each-other, I've been working solely with Yaron and he's been great.
>> > seeing that you ban-hammered the guy, I'd like to ask you to consider
>> > making me a temp team leader (up until we sort that issue) so I could
>> > push my work.
>> Greetings Nickolai,
>> > except for a little slip by Yaron
>> Shahrabani has also said to me that Rhan (former WordPress translator)
>> ranh.co.il is a the worst FLOSS translator and from his direct message
>> the pioneer translators of GNOME and Ubuntu Hebrew are bad translators
>> also (+Microsoft translators and various of others are bad too).
>> It means nothing.
>> In my opinion, all the former FLOSS translators are great translators.
>> Nick did not say that I am problematic.
>> > Genghis joins the club and its a mess. Impossible to say who's right
>> > and who's wrong
>> Nick has applied that since I joined problems appeared.
>> Pointing out that I have a profession or having a job for that matter
>> means that I have my own ways in real life to manifest my own self and
>> I do not need to be 24/7 behind a computer screen and desperately
>> looking for excuses to corrupt the works of others, let alone not
>> asking the original authors, in order to foist point-of-view and my
>> name in order to mention more lines in a CV for a (better - if any) job
>> application.
>> I guaranty that if credits for Hebrew translations from now on will be
>> revoked we will see a better progress in the Xfce Hebrew desktop
>> because then Shahrabani will not bother to abuse nor intervene with the
>> works of others since it will not have any affect on credit.
>> Nickolai, you may also read my messages in this thread and explain what
>> is wrong with my disagreements on how I would like to translate.
>> You can follow the KDE-IL guidelines or see former releases of
>> applications of GNOME and also of Xfce before he showed up, to
>> see clear examples of how Hebrew UI should properly look like.
>> Not entirely agreeing does not mean that I need to read irrelevant
>> stories about how he is deeply (no less) he is involved with Apple
>> and Microsoft translator or to read insults, since it has nothing to
>> do with the work at Xfce.
>> Either way, I sincerely wish you good luck, Nickolai.
>> > thanks.
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