[Xfce-i18n] xfce4-weather-plugin string freeze

Harald Judt h.judt at gmx.at
Mon Jan 21 23:07:38 CET 2013

Am 21.01.2013 17:52, schrieb Pjotr Vertaalt:
> I agree with removing the tabs.... Translating was difficult; I could
> only do it by editing the .po file manually. But it's clumsy for new
> translators, and I don't mind a little extra work.

I will try to force monospaced fonts in the pango markup. It may 
probably look a bit strange because of the different font, but then I 
think alignment is more important here (and can be done with equal-sized 
spaces). I would be grateful for more opinions on this and will prepare 
a screenshot when I have more time.

> The main thing is that this important plugin is being maintained
> actively, for which I am grateful to Harald Judt. Good job, thank you. :-)

Thanks, it's mostly fun.

> One remark: it feels a bit silly to translate all this general
> information about Celsius, Fahrenheit etc. etc. A lot of translation
> work, while somebody who wants to know what Celsius is and what it's
> historical backgrounds are, can easily find that information elsewhere....
> Regards, Pjotr (Dutch translator).

Different people, different opinions. No problem with that. But also no 
need to feel silly, as there is no obligation to translate it if you 
aren't interested in it. It's true that all those explanations can be 
found somewhere else, but then one could also look up the temperature on 
one's favorite weather website and live without the plugin, or maybe 
write a script for the genmon plugin to fetch the temperature with wget etc.

Of course, I first thought about only explaining some labels like clouds 
etc. but then that already made up half of all that stuff, making the 
total picture a bit incomplete, so I went on and added descriptions for 
the remaining terms, even though some might not really have needed an 
explanation - that's perhaps the reason some of them lacked a bit of 
quality, though I hope I improved them a bit with the recent commits.

Look at it this way: There are lots of weather plugins out there (for 
kde, gnome, android,...), but in general, I find they look pretty 
similar, and if you know one, you'll know the others. Now which of them 
has a small compendium integrated? ;-) To sum up, it makes the plugin a 
bit more unique, and I like its (well, admittedly pseudo-)scientific and 
self-explaining approach. While writing some of the descriptions was 
certainly a bit tedious, I had much fun gathering information and 
exploring into that weather universe. In fact I've learned quite a lot 
of things related to weather forecasts and measurement, and I'm grateful 
for that.

Anyway, you're doing a great job so far translating the plugin into your 
language, and I consider your contributions very valuable. If you don't 
like the descriptions, that's fine for me; But I hope you like at least 
the other aspects and improvements.


`Experience is the best teacher.'

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