[Xfce-i18n] xfce4-weather-plugin string freeze

Harald Judt h.judt at gmx.at
Thu Jan 17 11:16:55 CET 2013


Am 17.01.2013 06:09, schrieb rafael ff1:
> Hi, me again.
> While polishing pt_BR translation for xfce4-weather-plugin I was able
> to look closely at some possible issues. Here what I found that might
> be interesting to be fix - or maybe I'm wrong :-)
> 1) Missing translation strings for (my previous comment included):
> "_Location", "_Units", "_Appearance", "_Scrollbox", "Show Scroll_box"

Patch prepared, see bug #9770 

Descriptions for temperature units will also be revised a bit.

Next time I'll open a bug for these things, that will make coordination 
easier and will save you time. Anyway, thanks for reporting. I'll update 
that stuff on Sunday to not confuse people currently working on it.

If anyone finds any further mistakes except the ones already mentioned 
on the mailing list and in #9770, please consider adding a comment to 
this bug.

> 2) There are some occurrences of "melting point of water", but wasn't
> it supose to be "of ice", as ice melts to water? If I'm not wrong and
> you're willing to fix it, please watch out for the expression "and its
> boiling point", which could mistakenly reference to ice, instead of
> water ("boiling point of water").

I'm a bit unsure. When you search the Web, you'll find both phrases. In 
physics and chemistry we used "melting point of water" because ice is 
simply water in its solid state. But either that is only used in science 
or it could be language-specific too. Now English is not my native 
language, so are there any people here that could give a bit more 
insight into this?

> 3) Now a suggestion: related to "Forecast tab in the summary window" I
> suggest replace "summary" with "details", as the mention of "summary"
> could lead the user to go look for a tab named summary, instead of
> details.

I think "forecast tab" is pretty clear. I agree that "summary window" 
may not be a good solution, but there are the forecast and details tab, 
so I'm not sure "details window" would be a good fit. It would have to 
be a term that encompasses both tabs, as it is a "forecast and details" 
window. Then, there could be additional tabs in future versions. At the 
moment, I can't think of a better name than "summary window", though I 
only chose that name because that's what it is called in the code. While 
there are no user-visible references in the plugin, the goodies website 
and the README use this term. Any better ideas?

> P.s.: Congratulations on the tooltips! I learned a lot from they,
> which, indeed, made the translation easy.
 > Cheers,
 > Rafael Ferreira

Thanks. Those tooltips document the plugin but are a good source for 
users too. Without the help of all of you, I would never be able to find 
all those mistakes, despite verifying and proof-reading.


`Experience is the best teacher.'

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