[Xfce-i18n] Last call for Xfce notes plugin

timystery at arcor.de timystery at arcor.de
Fri Mar 26 14:52:01 CET 2010

> Hi Fabian,
> First I'm not in charge for setting up the whole Transifex sub-domain all
> behind SSL/TLS. And second, fact is there is no SSH/Git access for
> translators as there used to be and I already explained it to you! You have
> to get along with the new workflow.

Sorry, I do know you are not in charge. 

> Regarding your error, can you be more explicit with the error 414 you
> encountered, I never hit any such error pages. When does it happen, what
> browser are you using, can you easily reproduce the problem?

Opera, and it happens from all my computers. It doesn't even matter whether I put https in front of the URL manually, the URL is always repeatedly concatenated automatically and then I am presented the 414 error. Maybe it works with some browser, however it doesn't do with mine, unless I manually go to https://translations.xfce.org , log in with a failure because of this URL replication again, visit again, am logged in then, and search for the projects manually, which takes a lot of time that I could have been using for translating 10 strings.

I am very sorry that the translation system is no longer made for translation and translators 

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