[Xfce-i18n] Last call for Xfce notes plugin

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Fri Mar 26 16:32:41 CET 2010

On 26.03.2010 15:52, timystery at arcor.de wrote:
> Opera, and it happens from all my computers. It doesn't even matter
> whether I put https in front of the URL manually, the URL is always
> repeatedly concatenated automatically and then I am presented the 414
> error. Maybe it works with some browser, however it doesn't do with
> mine, unless I manually go to https://translations.xfce.org , log in
> with a failure because of this URL replication again, visit again, am
> logged in then, and search for the projects manually, which takes a
> lot of time that I could have been using for translating 10 strings.
> I am very sorry that the translation system is no longer made for
> translation and translators

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the system isn't made for
Opera? I am sure Transifex developers would be happy to receive a bug
report and fix this seemingly major browser compatibility bug. Maybe the
problem has something to do with your browser security settings?

For what it's worth, it seems to me that Transifex makes life easier for
software maintainers and lowers the barrier for new translators. I do
agree that the interface is a bit unwieldy in places but not unusably
so. Remember that Transifex is still a young project and under constant

Personally I liked working directly with svn as well, but looking at the
big picture I'd say the pros of the current approach already outweigh
the cons.

- Jari

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