[Xfce-i18n] Orage (Xfcalendar) stable

juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Thu Jan 10 17:20:37 CET 2008

Maximilian Schleiss kirjoitti:
> Hi,
> there have been some concerns about the naming of cities with the
> underscore. Some languages need to have more underscores and it triggers
> an error in msgfmt.
> On example for this was sent to me by the Albanian translator Besnik
> Bleta. He needs to translate the "Cape Verde" string and here is what it
> looks once translated:
> #: ../src/ical-code.c:373
> msgid "Atlantic/Cape_Verde"
> msgstr "Atlantik/Kepi_i_Gjelbër"
> This triggers the following error using msgfmt:
> xfcalendar/trunk/po/sq.po:2120: « msgstr » a trop de marqueurs de raccourcis clavier « _ »
> You might have guessed that it complains about too many accelerators. Is
> there some way to get rid of it or should we just live with it?
Translators should remove all underscores from those city names.
They do not add any value and only confuse.
> I have an off-topic question, there was a discussion someday on the list
> about opensync being used to sync xfcalendar, will this be implemented
> someday?
I got an offer from somebody to help with that, but apparently
it did not happen....
After this 4.5.12 version I was planning to code the group scheduling,
but it really is huge task, so I'll check this opensync first instead.
Can't promise before I have had change to check if it can be implemented.
I have not started it.
Filing an enhancement in bugzilla helps keeping track how it proceeds. ;-)
> Best regards,
> Max.

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