[Xfce-i18n] WG: Re: Translation of "Application" and "Places" to German

Michael Kremser mkspamx-xfcei18n at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 13 22:50:57 CEST 2008

The "Clear" string seems like a stock GTK item. You could try
if you've got all the relevant German language packages from the Ubuntu
repositories (language-pack-de and language-pack-gnome-de at least). In
any case, this is not an Xfce issue and you should pursue this matter
further on Xubuntu's user mailing list or the German Ubuntu translation
team's list.

The issue with the panel plugin strings being in English could probably
be solved by Xubuntu at installation time, but a better solution would
be to simply have the plugins show a default (translatable) title string
when the user editable field in the configuration dialog is empty. This
would have the advantage of adjusting dynamically to locale changes and
obviously solving the problem for other distros as well.

- Jari
Indeed, installation of the "language-support-gnome-de" package changed "Clear" to "Leeren". Anyway, there's still "Applications" and "Places" there.



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