[Xfce-i18n] Updated Czech translations (Jan 8th) + problems with foo-projects registration

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Mon Jan 8 09:11:04 CET 2007

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Maximilian Schleiss kirjoitti:
> Michal Varady wrote:
>> Hi all,
> Hi,
>> I am sending updated Czech translations.
> Thank you for your work.
>> Sorry for attaching .po files again, but I tried to get my account for 
>> access to svn... unsuccessfully. After filling up this form 
>> http://foo-projects.org/node/3 I haven't received any mail about 
>> activating my account. Could someone please help me, where is the problem?
> I can't help you with the account activation but for the moment I can 
> tell you to pick up the files I sent to Fabian Nowak within the "Update 
> of German translations" thread and use these to make yourself a local 
> repository and apply your po files inside and send me an svn diff patch 
> of it. There is no account needed to use these files.

Can't you do svn diff using anonymous svn? Why would that require commit
access? Just pull the files from the anonymous repository, translate
away (or substitute your translated files) and run 'svn diff > outfile'.

Sorry if I'm missing the point...

> Thank you for trying this in the meantime and do not hesitate to ask if 
> you have any questions.
>> Thank you,
>> Michal
> Max.

- - Jari

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