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Rimas Kudelis rq at akl.lt
Fri Jan 6 18:46:50 CET 2006

Fabian Nowak wrote:

>One further question: In some languages like French, Spanish, German
>there is another form of "you" for persons you don't know or who are
>business contacts or much older, in short, to whom you are to show
>respect. In German, you use "Sie" both for the singular and plural form
>of the normal "Du" (you), in Spanish you have "usted" for singular,
>"ustedes" for plural form, in French it's like in German ("vous"
>sing./pl.). Now, what way should "you" be translated? Into the
>respectful form "Sie", "Usted", "Vous" or better into "Du", "tú", "tu"?
>I realize that some translators chose the respectful way and others
>prefer the more personal way. I'd suggest the personal way.

Maybe this should be left for the translator to decide?.. I think it may
depend on the traditions of the specific country, or on the precendent
(translations of other software). I.e., in Lithuanian, respectful form
is used in most cases. But in German it may be different. I don't see a
problem here. :)

best regards,

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