[Xfce-i18n] xfcalendar: please use Q_() sometimes

Daichi Kawahata daichi at xfce.org
Sun Apr 30 05:32:16 CEST 2006

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On Mon, 24 Apr 2006 10:39:07 +0200
Andras Mohari wrote:

> Hi all,

Hi Andras,

> I'm new to this list. I've agreed with Szervacz Attila on
> helping a bit with the Hungarian translation. I'm revising
> the translation of xfcalendar and I've found some short
> (usually one-word) msgids that can hardly be translated
> without some trouble. For example:
>         "Calendar start" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:580) -- I think
>                 it used to be "Start visibility" in older versions. I
>                 didn't want to compile xfcalendar so I had to look into
>                 the source to understand what it is for.

You're right, that was "Start visibility".

>         "Show" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:585)
>         "Hide" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:591)

Whether show or hide the border in the system tray area.

>         "Free" (in src/appointment.c:1284)
>         "Busy" (in src/appointment.c:1284)

Free time or busy at the time you chose.

>         "Start" (in src/appointment.c:1318)
>         "End" (in src/appointment.c:1333)

That's the period til the end when an appointment started.

> The problem with these is that their correct translations
> depend on the context they are used in -- but the context
> is missing! For example, "Hide" should be translated as
> "Rejtett" in the context of "Calendar start", but "Elrejte's"
> if it is an action. Sure, everything seems to be all right
> so far, since these strings only appear in one context _now_
> -- but what about later?
> So it would be nice if glib's Q_ macro was used more often.
> (I think it's true for other Xfce modules as well. It would
> help to create better translations.)

So far, it's only used for the word has multiple meanings
in the different places, therefore, should be separated to
translate. Basically, a context should be read by the
translators themselves in the running applications.

Probably you may have the reason not to compile the application,
but please re-consider that if you want to contribute the better
translations to Hungarian users.

If you're going to translate the given strings without that,
it's hard to know what the strings mean at any rate and an
inserting the well-thought context string to make sense isn't
that easy. Or rather it should be done as a comment `/**/' in
xgettext with `--add-comments=TRANSLATORS' but I don't know
how to use that with intltool.


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