[Xfce-i18n] xfcalendar: please use Q_() sometimes

Andras Mohari mayday at mailpont.hu
Mon Apr 24 10:39:07 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm new to this list. I've agreed with Szervacz Attila on helping a bit
with the Hungarian translation. I'm revising the translation of
xfcalendar and I've found some short (usually one-word) msgids that can
hardly be translated without some trouble. For example:

        "Calendar start" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:580) -- I think
                it used to be "Start visibility" in older versions. I
                didn't want to compile xfcalendar so I had to look into
                the source to understand what it is for.
        "Show" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:585)
        "Hide" (in plugin/xfcalendar_plugin.c:591)
        "Free" (in src/appointment.c:1284)
        "Busy" (in src/appointment.c:1284)
        "Start" (in src/appointment.c:1318)
        "End" (in src/appointment.c:1333)

The problem with these is that their correct translations depend on the
context they are used in -- but the context is missing! For example,
"Hide" should be translated as "Rejtett" in the context of "Calendar
start", but "Elrejte's" if it is an action. Sure, everything seems to be
all right so far, since these strings only appear in one context _now_
-- but what about later?

So it would be nice if glib's Q_ macro was used more often. (I think
it's true for other Xfce modules as well. It would help to create better

Just my two cents.

Andras Mohari

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