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Daichi Kawahata daichi at xfce.org
Fri Oct 21 17:35:07 CEST 2005

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:26:45 +0200
Alex Dupre wrote:

> > I'm not sure what you tried to say with `local' but even in normal
> > repository (not https://), those header had been already fixed
> Probably there is a need of an explanation.
> From the beginning, many GUFI users privately contributed to the
> translation of some Xfce4 modules. Since then, the GUFI translation
> team, who is responsible to translate other projects like FreeBSD,
> officially taked care of translating the whole Xfce4 project in Italian.
> We have a 'local' CVS repository where we do the dirty work, and only
> when we think to have achieved a good result, I do the commits in the
> SVN tree. So, when I say "I had local files" I mean I had translations
> from our local CVS repo. If people modify the Italian versions in SVN,
> for me it's a mess to keep in sync two repos and so some little changes
> (like these headers) may be inadvertently lost.

Hmm okay, then assuming you're the just committer of those translations,
could you tell leaving their name in the PO file to actual translators?
of course translator was you, that's no problem.

Also is it completely impossible synchronizing their CVS with SVN once?
I'd like to emphasize `once', if they get sync'd repository, coming
problem will be hardly happened as far as 4.2 branch is concerned, since
while 4.2 branch is considered stable/fixed, I had been modifying against
the PO files in that branch hugely.

As for the trunk, needless to say, if their CVS repository couldn't
catch up with our SVN in which many files can be changed daily-base,
please try to find CVS<->SVN converter/synchronizing method by all means,
although I'm quite ignorant about both CVS, SVN...


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