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Rudy Godoy rudy at kernel-panik.org
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El día 15/11/2005 a 11:54 Daichi Kawahata escribió...


> as you see, the copyright holder for PO files would be the one who has
> copyright of entire package, in other words, core developer(s) of that
> package, the reason I've been considering it's good for the package
> maintenance is that if copyright holding will be allowed individually,
> next case can be happened; While first translator refers his/her
> copyright and licenses under GPL, second translator tries to re-license
> with LGPL/BSD (because a translator though GPL was too strict), at the
> same time, Debian package maintainer struggles with those licenses.

Second and posterior translators can't relicense the work since they
are not the copyright holders. Only a copyright holder can relicense a
work. I didn't understand the Debian maintainer issue, I don't recall
we[0] had such a situation.

0- Debian Xfce team


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