[Xfce-i18n] Generating unique duplicate names

Mişu Moldovan dumol at gnome.ro
Tue Nov 8 21:43:10 CET 2005

În data de Ma, 08 nov 05 la 18:56, Benedikt Meurer a scris:
> Hey Daichi and translators,
> The following piece of code is used to generate unique names for
> duplicated/linked files:


> As you can see the first 3 possibilities ("copy of", "another copy"
> and "third copy of") are special cases, and the remaining are just  
> the number with an appended "th". This is required for english  
> (because there's "st", "nd" and "rd" for 1 to 3, but "th" for (most  
> of) the remaining).
> Now my question is: Is the above easily translatable to other
> languages (I know that it'll work for german and a bunch of other  
> languages, but whatever e.g. non-european languages)? I don't care if  
> the 20th duplicate's name doen't look right, but the first 1-5  
> duplicate names should be properly translatable.
> Benedikt

It is just fine for Romanian too.. "%uth copy of %s" may be translated  
as "a %-a copie %s" and "%uth link to %s" as "a %u-a legătură către  
%s”. Thanks for all the care. And also for the wonderful Terminal which  
I think I'll translate very soon now (I keep telling me this for some  
months now). Can't wait for Thunar, I'm sure it will be great.

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