[Xfce-i18n] xfdesktop/branches/4_2 menu.xml.hu + Makefile.am Q

SZERVÁC Attila sas at 321.hu
Mon May 16 11:19:18 CEST 2005

 Hi, Daichi! :)

 Here is the new xfce-registered-categories.xml.hu

 I modified GNOME category. I changed back the original "name" entries
(Development, Office, Graphics, etc.) and I've added the "replace" entries
with the correct hungarian translations.

 I know, it's too late if no other serious bug in the tarballs, i'll
rework all hungarian file.

 Daichi, I *MUST* use "replace" tag for ALL entries ? ALL categories &

 The hint says:

 `replace: Optional.  Name that is displayed as the menu name for items
		  in the category (useful, e.g., for translations).'

 The reason of my misunderstanding: (my english is not perfect...)

  `_useful_'. Not `REQUIRED for translation'  .

 Sorry, Sorry, Sorry !!!

On Mon, 16 May 2005, SZERVÁC Attila wrote:

 Hi, Daichi! :)

On Mon, 16 May 2005, Daichi Kawahata wrote:

> On Mon, 16 May 2005 09:14:42 +0200 (CEST)
SZERVÁC Attila wrote:

>  currently, in I don't see the hungarian translation in the menu
> (Run program, Terminal, File Manager, Web Browser, Help, About, Quit)
>  (I'm using os-works Debian packages for an up-to-date Sarge)
>  Also, i see `Xfce 4 Desktop Settings & Xfce 4 Menu Editor' in
> menu/settings instead of their translated version (other strings are
> good), but this is a minor problem.

 Ugh! This is in the xfce-registered-categories file (not menu.xml) but:

 Ugh! Ugh! I disread the transl.hints in the xfce-registered-categories

  :((((( Oh :( I'll fix in the next release... THX!

You can translate those menu entry strings with the replace tag i.e.


	<category name="GNOME" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Grafika" />


	<category name="GNOME" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="Development replace="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Office" replace="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Graphics" replace="Grafika" />

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE xfce-registered-categories>

<!-- Note: You can copy this file to ~/.xfce4/ for customisation. -->

	Here is how this file works:
	<xfce-registered-categories> - root element, required.
		name:  Required.  Corresponds to an official category from the
		  freedesktop.org menu spec.
		replace: Optional.  Name that is displayed as the menu name for items
		  in the category (useful, e.g., for translations).
		icon: icon to be displayed for this category (actually, for the menu
		  item referenced by this category's 'replace' attribute)
		toplevel: Optional.  Marks categories as being "allowed" to be toplevel
		  menus.  Note: if a category is unrooted, it will be promoted to
		  toplevel regardless of the value of this attribute. (default: false)
		ignore: Optional.  This category will be ignored when organising menu
		  items. (default: false)
		hide: Optional.  Items referencing this category will not appear in any
			menu. (default: false)
	<subcategory> - sub-element of <category>, specifies a subcategory relation
		name: Required.  Corresponds to an official category from the
		  freedesktop.org menu spec.
	  <category name="Graphics">
		  <subcategory name="RasterGraphics">
	  Note that even if subcategories are definied, it is possible to collapse
	  all subcategories into a flat one-level menu by specifying style="simple"
	  in the <include> tag in your menu.xml file.

 firstranslator: SZERVÁC Attila aka  sas aka  satie


	<category name="Legacy" toplevel="true" replace="KellĂŠkek" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="Core" toplevel="true" replace="KellĂŠkek" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="Development" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT">
		<subcategory name="Building" />
		<subcategory name="Debugger" />
		<subcategory name="IDE" />
		<subcategory name="GUIDesigner" />
		<subcategory name="Profiling" />
		<subcategory name="RevisionControl" />
		<subcategory name="Translation" />
		<subcategory name="Database" />
		<subcategory name="ProjectManagement" />
		<subcategory name="WebDevelopment" />
	<category name="Building" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="Debugger" replace="Debugging" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="IDE" replace="Environments" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="GUIDesigner" replace="GUI Designers" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="Profiling" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="RevisionControl" replace="Revision Control" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="FordĂ­tĂĄs" builtin-icon="DEVELOPMENT" />
	<category name="Iroda" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY">
		<subcategory name="Calendar" />
		<subcategory name="ContactManagement" />
		<subcategory name="Database" />
		<subcategory name="Dictionary" />
		<subcategory name="Chart" />
		<subcategory name="Email" />
		<subcategory name="Finance" />
		<subcategory name="FlowChart" />
		<subcategory name="PDA" />
		<subcategory name="Project Management" />
		<subcategory name="Presentation" />
		<subcategory name="Spreadsheet" />
		<subcategory name="WordProcessor" />
		<subcategory name="Photograph" />
		<subcategory name="Viewer" />
	<category name="NaptĂĄr" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="ContactManagement" replace="Contact Management" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="AdatbĂĄzis" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="SzĂłtĂĄr" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="Chart" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="Email" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="Finance" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="FlowChart" replace="Flow Chart" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="PDA" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="ProjectManagement" replace="Project Management" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="BemutatĂł" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="Spreadsheet" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="WordProcessor" replace="Word Processing" builtin-icon="PRODUCTIVITY" />
	<category name="Grafika" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS">
		<subcategory name="2DGraphics" />
		<subcategory name="3DGraphics" />
		<subcategory name="Scanning" />
		<subcategory name="Photograph" />
		<subcategory name="Viewer" />
	<category name="2DGraphics" replace="2-D Graphics" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS">
		<subcategory name="VectorGraphics" />
		<subcategory name="RasterGraphics" />
	<category name="VectorGraphics" replace="Vector Graphics" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="RasterGraphics" replace="Raster Graphics" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="3DGraphics" replace="3-D Graphics" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="Scanning" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS">
		<subcategory name="OCR" />
	<category name="OCR" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="Photograph" replace="FotĂł" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="Viewer" replace="NÊzegetők" builtin-icon="GRAPHICS" />
	<category name="BeĂĄllĂ­tĂĄsok" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="SETTINGS">
		<subcategory name="DesktopSettings" />
		<subcategory name="HardwareSettings" />
		<subcategory name="PackageSettings" />
		<subcategory name="BiztonsĂĄg" />
		<subcategory name="Accessibility" />
		<subcategory name="KÊpernyővÊdő" />
	<category name="DesktopSettings" replace="Desktop Settings" builtin-icon="SETTINGS" />
	<category name="HardwareSettings" replace="Hardware Settings" builtin-icon="SETTINGS" />
	<category name="PackageSettings" replace="Package Settings" builtin-icon="SETTINGS" />
	<category name="HĂĄlĂłzat" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="NETWORK">
		<subcategory name="Email" />
		<subcategory name="Dialup" />
		<subcategory name="InstantMessaging" />
		<subcategory name="IRCClient" />
		<subcategory name="FileTransfer" />
		<subcategory name="HamRadio" />
		<subcategory name="HĂ­rek" />
		<subcategory name="P2P" />
		<subcategory name="RemoteAccess" />
		<subcategory name="Telefon" />
		<subcategory name="WebbÜngÊsző" />
		<subcategory name="WebfejlesztĂŠs" />
	<category name="Dialup" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="InstantMessaging" replace="Instant Messaging" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="IRCClient" replace="IRC Clients" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="FileTransfer" replace="File Transfer" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="HamRadio" replace="Ham Radio" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="HĂ­rek" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="P2P" replace="Peer-to-Peer" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="RemoteAccess" replace="Remote Access" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="Telefon" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="WebBrowser" replace="Web bĂśngĂŠszĂŠs" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="WebDevelopment" replace="Web fejlesztĂŠs" builtin-icon="NETWORK" />
	<category name="AudioVideo" replace="MultimĂŠdia" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA">
		<subcategory name="AdatbĂĄzis" />
		<subcategory name="Amatőr rådió" />
		<subcategory name="Hang" />
		<subcategory name="MozgĂłkĂŠp" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideoEditing" />
		<subcategory name="LejĂĄtĂĄtszĂł" />
		<subcategory name="RÜgzítő" />
		<subcategory name="LemezĂ­rĂĄs" />
	<category name="Hang" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA">
		<subcategory name="Midi" />
		<subcategory name="Mixer" />
		<subcategory name="Sequencer" />
		<subcategory name="Tuner" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideoEditing" />
		<subcategory name="LejĂĄtszĂł" />
		<subcategory name="RÜgzítő" />
	<category name="Midi"  builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Mixer" replace="Hangkeverők" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Sequencer" replace="Sequencers" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Tuner" replace="Tuners" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="MozgĂłkĂŠp" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA">
		<subcategory name="TV" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideoEditing" />
		<subcategory name="LejĂĄtszĂł" />
		<subcategory name="RÜgzítő" />
		<subcategory name="Zene" />
	<category name="TV" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="AudioVideoEditing" replace="SzerkesztĂŠs" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Player" replace="MĂŠdia lejĂĄtszĂłk" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Recorder" replace="RÜgzítő" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="DiscBurning" replace="CD ĂŠs DVD Ă­rĂĄs" builtin-icon="MULTIMEDIA" />
	<category name="Game" toplevel="true" replace="JĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME">
		<subcategory name="ActionGame" />
		<subcategory name="AdventureGame" />
		<subcategory name="ArcadeGame" />
		<subcategory name="BoardGame" />
		<subcategory name="BlocksGame" />
		<subcategory name="CardGame" />
		<subcategory name="KidsGame" />
		<subcategory name="LogicGame" />
		<subcategory name="RolePlaying" />
		<subcategory name="Simulation" />
		<subcategory name="SportsGame" />
		<subcategory name="StrategyGame" />
	<category name="ActionGame" replace="AkciĂłjĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="AdventureGame" replace="KalandjĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="ArcadeGame" replace="ÁrkådjåtÊkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="BoardGame" replace="TĂĄblajĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="BlocksGame" replace="FejtÜrők" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="CardGame" replace="KĂĄrtyajĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="KidsGame" replace="GyerekjĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="LogicGame" replace="Logikai jĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="RolePlaying" replace="SzerepjĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="SzimulĂĄtorok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="SportsGame" replace="SportjĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="StrategyGame" replace="StratĂŠgiai jĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="OktatĂĄs" toplevel="true">
		<subcategory name="Art" />
		<subcategory name="Construction" />
		<subcategory name="Zene" />
		<subcategory name="Nyelvek" />
		<subcategory name="TanĂ­tĂĄs" />
	<category name="Art" />
	<category name="Construction" />
	<category name="Zene" />
	<category name="Nyelvek" />
	<category name="TudomĂĄny" toplevel="true">
		<subcategory name="CsillagĂĄszat" />
		<subcategory name="BiolĂłgia" />
		<subcategory name="KĂŠmia" />
		<subcategory name="FĂśldrajz" />
		<subcategory name="Matematika" />
		<subcategory name="OrvoslĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="Fizika" />
	<category name="CsilagĂĄszat" />
	<category name="BiolĂłgia" />
	<category name="KĂŠmia" />
	<category name="FĂśldrajz" />
	<category name="Matematika" />
	<category name="MedicalSoftware" replace="OrvoslĂĄs" />
	<category name="Fizika" />
	<category name="OktatĂĄs" />
	<category name="Amusement" replace="JĂĄtĂŠkok" builtin-icon="GAME" />
	<category name="Applet" replace="KisalkalmazĂĄsok" />
	<category name="ArchivĂĄlĂĄs" />
	<category name="Elektronika" />
	<category name="Emulator" toplevel="true" replace="Rendszer" builtin-icon="SYSTEM" />
	<category name="TervezĂŠs" />
	<category name="FileManager" replace="Fåjkezelők" />
	<category name="Shell" replace="HĂŠjak" />
	<category name="KÊpernyővÊdő" />
	<category name="TerminalEmulator" replace="TerminĂĄl emulĂĄtorok" />
	<category name="TrayIcon" replace="RendszertĂĄlca ikonok" />
	<category name="Rendszer" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="SYSTEM">
		<subcategory name="FileSystem" />
		<subcategory name="Monitor" />
		<subcategory name="Security" />
		<subcategory name="Accessibility" />
		<subcategory name="TerminalEmulator" />
		<subcategory name="Shell" />
	<category name="FĂĄjlrendszer" builtin-icon="SYSTEM" />
	<category name="Monitor" builtin-icon="SYSTEM" />
	<category name="BiztonsĂĄg" builtin-icon="SYSTEM" />
	<category name="Utility" toplevel="true" replace="KellĂŠkek" builtin-icon="UTILITY">
		<subcategory name="Accessibility" />
		<subcategory name="SzĂĄmolĂłgĂŠp" />
		<subcategory name="Ă“ra" />
		<subcategory name="SzÜvegszerkesztő" />
		<subcategory name="ArchivĂĄlĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="TerminĂĄl" />
		<subcategory name="Fåjlkezelő" />
		<subcategory name="HĂŠj" />
	<category name="Accessibility" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="Calculator" replace="SzĂĄmolĂłgĂŠpek" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="Clock" replace="Ă“rĂĄk" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="TextEditor" replace="SzĂśvegszerkesztĂŠs" builtin-icon="UTILITY" />
	<category name="KDE" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Grafika" />
		<subcategory name="BeĂĄllĂ­tĂĄsok" />
		<subcategory name="HĂĄlĂłzat" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideo" />
		<subcategory name="JĂĄtĂŠk" />
		<subcategory name="OktatĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="TudomĂĄny" />
		<subcategory name="Rendszer" />
		<subcategory name="EszkĂśzĂśk" />
	<category name="GNOME" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="Development" replace="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Office" replace="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Graphics" replace="Grafika" />
		<subcategory name="Settings" replace="BeĂĄllĂ­tĂĄsok" />
		<subcategory name="Network" replace="HĂĄlĂłzat" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideo" />
		<subcategory name="Game" replace="JĂĄtĂŠk" />
		<subcategory name="Education" replace="OktatĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="Science" replace="TudomĂĄny" />
		<subcategory name="System" replace="Rendszer" />
		<subcategory name="Utility" replace="EszkĂśzĂśk" />
	<category name="GTK" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="GNOME" />
	<category name="Qt" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="KDE" />
	<category name="Motif" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Grafika" />
		<subcategory name="BeĂĄllĂ­tĂĄsok" />
		<subcategory name="HĂĄlĂłzat" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideo" />
		<subcategory name="JĂĄtĂŠk" />
		<subcategory name="OktatĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="TudomĂĄny" />
		<subcategory name="Rendszer" />
		<subcategory name="EszkĂśzĂśk" />
	<category name="Java" toplevel="true" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="KisalkalmazĂĄs" />
	<category name="ConsoleOnly" toplevel="true" replace="Konzol" ignore="true">
		<subcategory name="FejlesztĂŠs" />
		<subcategory name="Iroda" />
		<subcategory name="Grafika" />
		<subcategory name="BeĂĄllĂ­tĂĄsok" />
		<subcategory name="HĂĄlĂłzat" />
		<subcategory name="AudioVideo" />
		<subcategory name="JĂĄtĂŠk" />
		<subcategory name="OktatĂĄs" />
		<subcategory name="TudomĂĄny" />
		<subcategory name="Rendszer" />
		<subcategory name="EszkĂśzĂśk" />
	<category name="Wine" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="WINE" />
	<category name="WineX" toplevel="true" builtin-icon="WINE" />

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