[Xfce-i18n] Polish translaotion update

Jari Rahkonen jari.rahkonen at pp1.inet.fi
Sat Apr 9 08:55:24 CEST 2005

Jean-François Wauthy wrote:

>Le vendredi 08 avril 2005 à 23:05 +0200, Robert Kurowski a écrit :
> [SNIP]
>>Ohh, what are chances to set up wiki at xfce servers. I mean, a wiki for
>>translators. there could be a some kind of a tutorial (in each language
>>sepperate ofcourse) how to translate, and some dictionaries to unify
>>translations. Hmm, I think that's all right now.
>i was thinking about setting up a page with a how to for translations
>but i didn't find time; personnaly i'd prefer a page with all
>informations (even if often edited) than a wiki otherwise people will
>get lost. This ML is there for translators to coordinate their job like
>we do in the xfce4-dev ML but until now it's mainly used as a
>destination for translations (it's its purpose too).
There's no need for tutorials in multiple languages anyway. What
good is a translator who doesn't understand english? :)

If you ever do put up this translation howto, it would be a great
idea to include small language specific sections for info like links
to l10n dictionaries and such though. The page doesn't have to be a
wiki if (we) the translators provide the needed links and stuff for

- Jari

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