[Xfce-i18n] Questions about translation

Brian J. Tarricone kelnos at xfce.org
Wed Oct 20 04:19:52 CEST 2004

Juha Kautto wrote:

> Hi !
> I have now done some translations and I have few questions. Hope 
> somebody knows ?
> 1) I translated so called .desktop files, too, but I do not see those 
> being used anywhere. So is there any place in Xfce to see how the 
> translations in desktop look like ? (kdm shows xfce.desktop in 
> finnish, but I mean inside Xfce)

the translated strings appear in the autogenerated desktop menu 
(specifically, the xfce-related .desktop file should end up in the 
Settings menu).  if not, then it's an xfdesktop bug.

> 2) Are there any know problems in this area? I copied and tested new 
> translations, but in some places the new finnish words do not appear. 
> Previous line is ok but the suddenly there is english and after that 
> again Finnish. May be my error, but efore I start checking what it 
> might be...is there anything that is known ? perhaps too long phrases 
> are reverted back to the original english ?

that's weird.  i've never heard of something like that happening, but 
i'm not to well-versed in how gettext works.


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