[Xfce-i18n] Need for more English documentators?

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at xfce.org
Thu Nov 4 19:58:36 CET 2004

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Conkling wrote:
> I am interested in contributing to Xfce, but since I don't know any
> code, I'd like to help with the documentation.  I do know some German,
> but it's definitely not my first language, and I don't really know any
> computer vocabulary.  My question is whether there is any work on the
> English documentation for me to do; I'm willing to refine, to edit, to
> write, or just to do whatever needs to be done.
> Sorry if this is documented elsewhere; I couldn't find it.

lol, guess you can start with documenting that then ;^)

Seriously though, help with documentation would be very much appreciated.

This is what we have now:

- User guide (installed with xfce-utils). Explains concepts and basic
   operations for the Xfce desktop environment. As a non-programmer you
   are the ideal person to read this over and see if it makes any sense,
   and if there are important things missing.

- Manuals. Each component should install a manual explaining its
   operation and configuration in more detail. Not all Xfce components
   have a manual at the moment, so that is definitely what needs most

Corrections to spelling and grammar are of course appreciated, since 
most of us are non-native speakers.

The documentation is written in docbook xml, which is not too 
complicated once you've seen the examples that are already present. I 
can also easily convert plain text documentation to docbook without too 
much effort.

Modules without manual: xfcalendar, xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-iconbox, 
xfce4-mixer, xfce4-systray, xfce4-toys, xfce4-trigger-launcher, xfprint.

You have my permission to harrass any one of the developers to obtain 
the information you need about their program, either publicly (ML) or in 
private mail :-)

Talk to us here or on IRC (might be a problem with the time difference).

Thanks a lot for offering to help out, documentation is an important 
part of a software project, and always hard to keep up-to-date.


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