[Xfce-i18n] Romanian translations for XFCE 4.2 release candidate

Misu Moldovan dumol at home.ro
Mon Dec 13 11:02:25 CET 2004

Jean-François Wauthy wrote:

[lots of snips ahead]

> i haven't seen any Romanian translations for the 4.x branch, so consider
> you are in charge of the ro translations since now (if you accept it of
> course)

I do! XFCE 4.2 rulez...

>>I hope these translation will fit much better. I'm also interested in
>>localizing the .desktop files, but being the first time I get involved
>>in something like this I must ask which is the right way of doing  it.
>>Should I build a collection of patches for all the .desktop files  in
>>the "translation" module from CVS?
> yeah it's the best way to do it, patches for the .desktop files

ok. expect patches from me. probably not this week as i'm pretty busy.

>>Last, please forgive me for sending all files to the mail list,
>>spamming other translators. If there's another way to contribute
>>translations, please guide me into it. I am also intrigued about the
>>release date for XFCE 4.2 as I couldn't find an estimated date on your
>>site xfce.org.
> there is nothing to be forgiven that's the way it works in fact; about
> the final release date there is nothing official until now

i felt a bit guilty for this although xfce's po's are pretty light, 
which is of course one of the best things about xfce.

> i'll commit it tonight (normally)

thanks a lot.

> welcome aboard

feels great!

I started with nothing and I still have most of it left.

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