[Thunar-dev] user interface ideas

DINH Viêt Hoà dinh.viet.hoa at free.fr
Sun Jul 23 16:12:14 CEST 2006

Erlend Davidson wrote :

> >>> I'd quite like it to be easier to change between the Location Selector 
> >>> between the pathbar and toolbar styles - perhaps if you roll the 
> >>> mouse-wheel over it then it switches between being a pathbar and a 
> >>> toolbar.  This is useful when you want to copy and paste the path of the 
> >>> directory you are in.
> >>>       
> >> Well, Ctrl+L will always focus the location selector (pops up a dialog
> >> in pathbar mode).
> >
> > maybe in pathbar mode, it could switch temporarly to location selector  
> > so that it won't raise a dialog box.
> >
> >   
> Hmm, that might confuse users - especially new ones - why does it do  
> this sometimes, and that other-times?  I still think using the mouse- 
> wheel is a good idea - Xfce is the first desktop environment which ( 
> out of the box) makes good use of the mouse-wheel (e.g. switching  
> workspacing, rolling-up windows).  Again though there is a risk of  
> confusing users (i.e. why did the location selector just change and  
> how do I get it back?)

The problem with mouse scroll wheel is that it is not explicit on the  

The temporary switch to an entry would get back to pathbar by pressed  
ESC or losing focus on it.
I am proposing that because with the pathbar style, the main usage of  
a entry for the path would be entering a path by hand and switching  
back to pathbar. I don't know much usage for it.
Maybe a copy-paste of the current folder but that usage is reduced to  
my opinion (that would be workarounded by an option in the right-click  
contextual menu of the pathbar).


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