[Thunar-dev] Thunar rather than later... it's a website!

Jeff Franks jcfranks at tpg.com.au
Wed Sep 21 12:39:57 CEST 2005

Benedikt Meurer wrote:

> [snip]
>I know I'm a bit late, sorry. First of all, thanks for the great work.
>There are a few minor points to note:
>1) there seems to be a small buglet with the rendering in firefox:
There is a one pixel rendering buglet that has been fixed in Firefox 
1.5b1. I had originally added a one pixel offset to overcome this but 
then it created a reciprocal buglet in Firefox 1.5b1, Konqueror and 
Opera. I thought about it and felt that since it is not my problem I 
shouldn't worry about it.  Eventually , in a few months, Firefox 1.5 
will be released and it wont be an issue. I also thought that by the 
time we have a stable Thunar release possibly Firefox 1.5 will be 
released and included in some distributions.

>2) the sidepane should be smaller, probably using smaller fonts.
I originally thought that 0.8em (or 80%) would be best but as Jannis so 
rightly pointed out 1em represented the users font setting and shouldn't 
be undercut. As an example I use a 14pt font in  Firefox which makes the 
web page look good to me. If I decrease the sidebar text to 0.8em it is 
too small. If I increase the font so the sidebar text is more legible 
the main content text is then too big. Anyway, what everyone feels is 
better OK with me.

Note that I have made the sidebar smaller, it is now 10em not 14em.

>3) the toppane should probably contain only "Home", "Screenshots" and
>"Downloads" so it doesn't wrap for not-so-large window sizes.
When all the other Thunar web pages are in the top pane the current page 
is highlighted, to let the user know where they are. I did think about 
this before and going to a page that wasn't highlighted looked odd by 
comparison and it didn't seem right to highlight only a few items in the 
sidebar. I will look at ways to fix this.

>And I agree with botsie: We should just upload this one (actually move
>it from one folder to another folder :-) and tweak it as we go along.
>Auke, can you give write permissions to Jeff for /var/www/thunar.xfce.org?

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