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Sat Apr 16 10:03:25 CEST 2005


Am Mittwoch, den 13.04.2005, 10:32 +0300 schrieb Jari Rahkonen:
> Joe Crawford wrote:
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> >>Huh.  That it does.  I stand corrected.  And it occurs to me that the
> >>two shortcuts have a different purpose: ctrl+L opens an empty location
> >>box, whereas '/' opens the box and prefills it with '/'.  So the former
> >>is for navigating relative to the current path, and the latter is for
> >>navigating via an absolute path.  So I suppose having both makes some
> >>amount of sense.  It's just hard to make them *both* discoverable
> >>without having an extra menu item that does almost the same thing.
> >>
> Do they both really need to be easily discoverable? Couldn't you just
> make Ctrl+L the 'official' one and have / as a 'hidden' shortcut for
> consistency with GtkFileChooser? No need to clutter the menus when
> simple and usable is what you want.

First, I dont want to offend anyone. I am just writing this to show
clearly what me-as-a-user would think of that:

Don't we all love those hidden unknown one-key shortcuts in apps that
can get ones workflow totally out of whack when pressing some single key
by accident and something weird popping up, disrupting the normal usage
of the app ? (not that this particular case would be able to trash real
data, but when I hear _hidden_ shortcut, there is this feeling of
disguist coming up automatically)

Then again, we could document it and be sure nobody reads it though :)

But on the other hand, I didnt press "/" by accident in filechooser yet
(i.e. didnt even know that filechooser had that feature), but that may
be because "/" isnt that easy to type accidentially with my keyboard

But it *is* quite easy to type accidentially with English keyboard

Just keep this in mind when deciding :)


> >
> >If you simply fill the location box with the current path and select
> >all text as it comes up, it will be ultra easy to type a relative path
> >or a absolute path, by either typing right away, (replacing the text),
> >or typing first a backslash, or pushing the arrow key right or left to
> >put the cursor where you want it. Using this method would be very
> >convienient without an extra menu entry.
> >
> I could get used to this, I guess. Except that typing a slash should
> not continue a relative path, when the path is preselected. It should
> of course replace the path with a slash (to start an absolute path).
> I presume you did mean slash (/) instead of backslash (\). Otherwise
> I just didn't get the point.
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