[Thunar-dev] Replied about paths and typing text

Joe Crawford joetainment at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 10:35:00 CEST 2005

> >>amount of sense.  It's just hard to make them *both* discoverable
> >>without having an extra menu item that does almost the same thing.
> >>
> Do they both really need to be easily discoverable? Couldn't you just
> make Ctrl+L the 'official' one and have / as a 'hidden' shortcut for
> consistency with GtkFileChooser? No need to clutter the menus when
> simple and usable is what you want.
Yep, I agree.

> I could get used to this, I guess. Except that typing a slash should
> not continue a relative path, when the path is preselected. It should
> of course replace the path with a slash (to start an absolute path).
> I presume you did mean slash (/) instead of backslash (\). Otherwise
> I just didn't get the point.
> - Jari

Yes, you are completely right on all counts, I meant slash. Sorry...
typr-o! And yes, I meant that pushing slash to bring up the path text
and then pushing slash again should of course be writing a absolute
path as you say.

> I would switch between buttons and text very often. It's great feature
> to let me copy/paste the path from/to command line tools.
> Many users will love this.

Yes!!! Yes!!!  Glad somebody understands!

I do that all the time.... I also cut/paste the paths from good file
browsers into other program's open dialogs when they have bad open
UI's and make paths hard to reach (old gtk... ukkk).

Its convenient.


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