[Goodies-dev] Total-hack on xfce4-mpc-plugin

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 07:36:27 CEST 2006

Hello Gaston,

  I have been hacking around xfce4-mpc-plugin and the changes are
hardly in each line... I have cleaned up the code, and finally I have
added two functions.

  Here is my change log:
* Cleaned up the syntax (too long to summarize, sorry).
* Removed the #ifdef DEBUG, use DBG () instead which comes with
  libxfce4util (therefor I was in the need to move the config.h include
  to the top of the .c source).
* Replaced the 'gpointer data' argument from the callbacks to 't_mpc
* Setted the password by default to an empty string instead of NULL, and
  check its size to see if it has to be sent to mpd.
* Corrected a bug with the frame (it wasn't set automatically to none
  after a restart).
* Replaced the numerous reconnections with the new function
  mpc_plugin_reconnect (t_mpc *).
* Changed the function play to play_pause so it is possible to switch
  between the state play and pause with the play button.  I wasn't able
  to swap between a play icon and pause icon.  I will leave it as it is,
  since it is easy to understand that the track has been paused...

  That's all folk :p

  It would be nice that you clean up your trunk tree in the SVN. The
next files are useless as we use autotools to create them:
- mkinstalldirs
- intltool-extract.in
- configure
- Makefile.in
- depcomp
- compile
- intltool-update.in
- panel-plugin/Makefile.in
- config.h.in
- intltool-merge.in
- missing
- aclocal.m4
- po/Makefile.in.in
- install-sh

  I hope you will merge it inside the trunk.  The patch is attached.

 http://massonnet.org/ Mike Massonnet (mmassonnet)           ,-.
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