[Goodies-dev] Total-hack on xfce4-mpc-plugin

Landry landry at fr.homeunix.org
Sat Aug 5 11:14:29 CEST 2006

Mike Massonnet a écrit :
> Hello Gaston,
>   I have been hacking around xfce4-mpc-plugin and the changes are
> hardly in each line... I have cleaned up the code, and finally I have
> added two functions.
I've got just one thing to say about all this : Mike, you're completely 
mad :)

>   Here is my change log:
> * Cleaned up the syntax (too long to summarize, sorry).
It needed to be done.

> * Removed the #ifdef DEBUG, use DBG () instead which comes with
>   libxfce4util (therefor I was in the need to move the config.h include
>   to the top of the .c source).
Nice, i didn't know it existed.

> * Replaced the 'gpointer data' argument from the callbacks to 't_mpc
>   *mpc'.
> * Setted the password by default to an empty string instead of NULL, and
>   check its size to see if it has to be sent to mpd.
...why not..

> * Replaced the numerous reconnections with the new function
>   mpc_plugin_reconnect (t_mpc *).
I'm not really fine with this.. but i'll try it => connect/disconnect 
calls should be distinct IMHO.

> * Changed the function play to play_pause so it is possible to switch
>   between the state play and pause with the play button.  I wasn't able
>   to swap between a play icon and pause icon.  I will leave it as it is,
>   since it is easy to understand that the track has been paused...
Already done in my diff :) I'll try to change the button icon.

>   That's all folk :p
>   It would be nice that you clean up your trunk tree in the SVN. The
> next files are useless as we use autotools to create them:
> - mkinstalldirs
> - intltool-extract.in
> - configure
> - Makefile.in
> - depcomp
> - compile
> - intltool-update.in
> - panel-plugin/Makefile.in
> - config.h.in
> - intltool-merge.in
> - missing
> - aclocal.m4
> - po/Makefile.in.in
> - install-sh
Ok for this.

>   I hope you will merge it inside the trunk.  The patch is attached.
Err.. well... this is a f.....k big patch, and i've already got a diff 
of + 4615 / - 4139 lines in my sources. So i'll have to apply this by 
hand, reviewing each lines :)

As stated in my last commit, i'm currently rewriting all the libmpd 
interface, to let the choice to the user to use either libmpd (if 
present, reliable (?), but makes binary bigger), or my own 
implementation (plain old socket()/send()/recv(), much more lighter and 
I think your patch should'nt interfere too much with this rewrite, but 
the merge would be a nightmare :)

Finally, what was the indent command line you used for the code ? diff 
lines only containing indentation diffs make me completely MAD, so i'd 
like to have a common indentation guideline.

> Greets,
> Mike
Thanks for your tremendous work,

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