Call for GSoC 2023 mentors

Alex acs82 at
Tue Jan 10 11:11:19 CET 2023

Hi all,

this year I plan to do a break from GSOC mentoring .. time to tidy up
leftovers of the last two GSoC years and get some private projects done.

However I would be willing to be a Xfce org admin again, doing all the
administrative stuff.

I as well would be fine with being a backup mentor, if some other mentor
should be sick or something.

My plan would be to register Xfce for GSoC 2023 on end of January [1] ..
though of course that only makes sense if we have people which want to
mentor for Xfce.

For GSoC 2022 the project-time-frame and project-size was very flexible.
I suppose mentoring took me an average of ~2hours a week from May till

While some mentors do regular video calls with the contributors, I
preferred to just chat with them via IRC and on gitlab issues/MR's or
via email, which as well worked fine.

Generally I can say that GSoC mentoring is a nice way for getting things
done, and to lure people into Xfce-development :)  Though it for sure
will eat some of your time.

If you are interested, you will need to define some possible projects
from which GSoC applicants can pick from. See [2] as an example.

Xfce mentors will receive $500 per participant as "mentor stipend".

So if you are interested in mentoring for Xfce, please let me know !

Best regards,


[1]: Timeline for GSoC 2023:

[2] Xfce GSoC 2022 project list:

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