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Hi Enrico,
Perhaps you can  write documentation comments in gtk-doc format and have them automatically published in https://developer.xfce.org/

Andre Miranda

Oct 25, 2022, 11:04 by lkml at metux.net:

> On 25.10.22 04:34, Kevin Bowen wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
>> Our documentation for xfconf is maintained at https://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfconf/start Currently, we are using docuwiki to publish our docs.
> There's a specific reason why I chose to do it in the source code
> instead somewhere external: these are things that depend on the current
> source version - eg. when new settings are introduced, the doc can be
> fixed by the same commit.
> I'm a great fan of in-code documentation and extracting things
> automatically: you can always get the right docs for the exact code
> version you're currently looking at. And, of course, the docs go though
> the same review process like the code itself. documentation as code ;-)
> With Wiki's this is hard and complicated achieve, while directly in
> git it's pretty trivial.
> My plan was letting the CI build these docs and put 'em into some public
> place, where they can directly be referenced from Wiki, so we never have
> to touch these pieces manually anymore. For the major releases, we can
> have separate Wiki entry pages, that always point to the autogenerated
> docs of the corresponding version.
> Note that right now we're talking about deeper technical docs for the
> professionals (those who need to touch xfconf directly, instead of
> going through the settings UI) - that's not an end user manual.
>> I've taken a brief look at your MR and it looks like there is definitely some info there that would be useful to add.
> Note that it's still an early draft - lots of entries are yet empty,
> I'll first have to check in the code, what these options are really
> doing.
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